As an accomplished veteran, business executive, and inspirational speaker, Latisha Holmes Hannah (GREATNESS) found her voice speaking about tapping into our inner greatness and pushing beyond your perceived limits.  She captures her audiences by conveying powerful lessons of overcoming fear and self-doubt to creating successful businesses and embracing the journey God set forth for her. 

Latisha believes that once you embrace who you truly are and connect with your purpose, you can push pass those perceived limits, destroy the obstacles of the enemy unleash your inner GREATNESS. 

Latisha leaves audiences with a sense of empowerment and a call to action that encourages them to soar to unimaginable heights and push beyond boundaries. She believes that God has embedded all the tools needed to be successful throughout your journey. Latisha has mentored, motivated, encouraged and supported countless individuals to discover how to win. 

For God and Country

Latisha always had a love for God and strong sense of patriotism.  Although she loved her parents, she always knew that God created more than what was around her. She was drawn to helping people, she had an inner desire to see more, do more, experience more but didn’t want to disappoint her parents or her heavenly Father. To everyone’s surprise, she enlisted in the Mississippi Army National Guard and soon after transferred into the United States Active Army. Her strong connection with God and her desire to help and defend others drew her into supporting the Chaplaincy and later she was chosen to be a Career Advisor where she was considered the subject matter expert in Retention and Attrition Management. The highs and lows of her military career shaped her while she held on to the moral fabric her parents instilled in her.  She realized she was stronger than she thought and she was not alone. She gained a family and additional skills that, little did she know, would be instrumental to her survival. 

From Combat Boots To Red Bottoms

Latisha comes to the point in her journey where she transitions from extraordinary military leader to successful business woman. She had prepared and mentored all her Soldiers for transitioning from the military as the premier subject matter expert and she was ready. Little did she know, although she was successful, it would be one of the most difficult transitions of her life. She was reentering a world that she no longer knew and the days to come would be full of great but challenging days, so why did she feel like she was mourning the death of a marriage? How did she get through it?

Marriage & Ministry

Wife to Mr. Hot & Spicy ( Christopher Hannah)  

Mother to Australian Sheppard Mix Furbaby – Butterball


Latisha transitioned into her new life, spending valuable time with her parents, traveling for business and making moves. As she was moving full speed ahead she unexpectedly bumped into a man that accomplished what everyone thought was the IMPOSSIBLE…..he grabbed her, held on tight and MARRIED HER!  Mr. Christopher Hannah, who she lovingly refers to as Mr. Hot & Spicy, is the Founder of The Anointed Family of Mimes and managed to capture her heart and their union shakes things up….in the spirit realm.   

Are You Ready To Be GREAT?!

You already are!  Unleash your inner GREATNESS! Make a positive impact on you, your family, your business, your community, the nation.....THE WORLD!

"I never looked at my life as being hard.  Yes I had challenges, but God always reminded me of who he made me to me.  Did I let the challenges get to me? Of Course, but I didn't let them get the best of me.  I got my head out of my behind, rucked up and moved forward!!  And you can do the same! No matter where you came from, where you are in life or where it seems that you are headed... You have the power, tools and ability to change your life!" 

 - Latisha Holmes Hannah 


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