Women On The Wall Ministries - Mississippi

About Women On The Wall (WOW) Ministries

WOW Ministries - Mississippi is a faith based Non-denominational  Women's Ministry that is calling all women to action regarding our ROLES as women in Society.  

It was founded in August 2015 by Pastor Kay Onu Akharume and her sister, the late Chinyerenma Onu  (ChiChi) (August 13, 1970- February 25th 2016).  

Both women believed that  woman had a huge role to  play in  society

Pastor Kay continues to reach out to the women regarding the heart of God, as she carries on the legacy she started with her late sister; Pastor ChiChi.  In November 2017 Mrs Latisha  Holmes Hannah joined WOW-Mississippi as the Director, and thereby bringing new dimension where they encourage and equip women to physical reinvent themselves to bring positive chances to their families and the society.

To find out more about Women On The Wall Ministries - Mississippi, email wowmississippi@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wowmississippi