Work With Greatness

Initial Consultation

Schedule a no cost consultation to determine if working with Latisha is a  good fit and if the services offered are right for you. Briefly discuss you discuss your goals, vision, needs. Your initial consultation will be a private phone consultation. 

Empowerment Coaching

As your Personal Empowerment Coach, Latisha takes you from your present emotional state to where you want to be by: 

  • Helping you accept who you are and why you are stuck. 
  • Assisting you with moving pass you perceived limits. 
  • Providing you strategies which can implement to reach your final goals 
  • Helping you stay focused and motivated during the process

During the coaching session she creates a safe place for you to be honest and explore yourself. Her questions make you look deeper than you have before. The strength to achieve your goals is inside you. She teaches you to unleash that strength, make changes and grow.  

"I love helping individuals see beyond their perceived limits and help them identify the assets they already possess that can catapult them into  a space where they are able to obtain addition skills, network and create products and services that make accomplishing their mission and manifest their dreams into reality. To be a part of this life changing process is priceless."   -Greatness

Conflict Resolution

 Conflict in life is inevitable. The world is filled with different people, with different goals and backgrounds, who eventually clash. But what can you do when they clash? With Latisha, as your, Conflict Resolution Mediator, she helps bring together people who are at odds with the goal of have them look at both sides of an argument and reach a level of consensus without resorting to litigation. Conflict costs money and time, whether it involves two people in a legal dispute, workers and management or individuals or groups in the community. A conflict resolution mediator helps to negotiate a compromise rather than go to court. Finding common ground is difficult and takes a very special set of skills. Latisha possess those skills and helps parties assess their current positions while helping them decide a mutually advantageous outcome to the disagreement.  

Empowerment/Inspirational Speaking

 Latisha captivates her audience as a natural and dynamic speaker. She empowers, inspires and uplifts while simultaneously motivating her audience to accomplish more. She provides insight on how go about staying focused and moving forward with ideas while balancing life and challenges that surface. Her first hand perspectives bring life to topics of empowerment, entrepreneurship, military life & transition, ministry life, career and more.  From tips to stay focus, brand ideas, marketing resources and more, your audience will be mesmerized and will leave with a fresh perspective of themselves as they prepare to unleash their inner GREATNESS.